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Many of our clients have never had a reason to call a private investigator. It is understandable that you may be uncomfortable with the thought of sharing your situation with an investigator or anyone else, for that matter. If you have an event in your life concerning a marital infidelity matter, child custody dispute or concerns about any other related issue, you need to take the next step. You can be 100% confident that your consultation with this office is totally private and privileged. You may not know exactly where to start when explaining your situation. That's not a problem. We will get through it. You need to learn exactly what you are getting into. You need to understand how this works. What it's going to cost? What are the odds we will be successful? What you can do with information we uncover? You need to take the next step. Morris Investigations has been licensed by the State of Texas continuously since 1985 to answer these questions and handle these matters.

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