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Morris Investigations guarantees complete privacy on all communications. Whether you choose to communicate by telephone, email, U.S. Mail, or fax, your request will be held to the highest standard of confidentiality. Full names, dates of birth, physical addresses, email addresses, or credit card information is NEVER sold or shared with ANYONE. Guaranteed!

You will be notified immediately if there is a "conflict of interest" or any other reason why Morris Investigations should not be privileged to your information. Morris Investigations will never share any information without the client's permission or knowledge. Information includes and is not limited to, reports, photographs, videos, computer searches, names, addresses or any other material developed or generated during an investigation. Files are purged one hundred eighty (180) days after payment for services is received unless prior arrangements are made.

Any client credit card information obtained during the transaction of normal business, will be held securely in this office. Once the assignment is completed, all credit card information will be purged from our files. Guaranteed!

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Disclaimer:   The Client, by way of paying the retainer, expressly acknowledges that Morris Investigations's fees are for services rendered only. Morris Investigations makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the results of any investigation. The Client is paying solely for the time expended by Morris Investigations. No illegal or unethical services will be knowingly provided by Morris investigations. Morris Investigations reserves the right to decline or terminate, without advanced notice, any assignment it deems to be illegal or unethical. Morris Investigations will perform services in compliance with all state and federal laws, regulations and best practices.

By establishing a retainer, the Client agrees NOT to act in any manner that might disrupt, interfere with, or get involved in, the investigation without the permission of this office. Doing so may result in the immediate termination of the investigation and forfeiture of any unused portion of the retainer.

File Retention and Destruction Terms:    Our office is a paper less and an electronically based office. Upon closing of your file all paper copies in your client file will be destroyed. We will retain an electronic copy of the entire file for one (1) year. The electronic file may not include all documents, as there may have been some documents that were not deemed worthy of scanning and electronically storing. Upon your request, we will forward your entire client file to you on a CD; however, that request must be made within the one year that we retain your electronic file. There will be no charge for the preparation and transmittal of the electronic copy of your file. If any original documents were provided to our office that you would like to have returned, or if for any reason you would like to retain the paper copy of your client file, you will have ten (10) days from the date your file was closed to pick up the paper copy of your file at our office. If you wish to take the paper file with you will be asked to sign a receipt for the file, but there will be no charge for the file. If for some reason you cannot pick up the paper copy of your file within the ten (10) days from the date of closing, then let our office know and we will be happy to make other arrangements to accommodate you at a later time.

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