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Initial Phone Consultation Is Free

Hourly Rate: $95.00 per hour
  Mileage: $.65 per mile
Expenses: Billed at Cost

Computer Searches, Asset Searches, Phone Searches
Are All Priced at Flat Rates.
Call for Current Prices.

All charges are subject to 8.25% state sales tax.

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Surveillance:    Insurance Fraud - No retainer required with established insurance companies and defense firms.   

Domestic Surveillance - A $1,000.00 retainer is recommended on all domestic surveillance cases. Any and all unused portion of the retainer is refundable. Clients can limit the work to a specified number of hours. The standard hourly rate of $85.00 per hour applies which includes one (1) investigator and one (1) vehicle. Additional investigators and vehicles can be arranged at the standard hourly rate. There is no charge for video or stills taken during a domestic surveillance.

Photography:    $6.00 ea. for 5 x 7 digital stills. (Other sizes available upon request)   Images and video can be burned to CD, DVD, thumb drive or uploaded to Drop Box if required. There is a $30.00 flat rate video charge.    

Investigations:   No minimum charge for opening a civil investigation file. No retainer required for insurance companies and Texas law firms.

Court Testimony and Depositions:   A $500.00 retainer must be in hand forty eight (48) hours before the date and time of required appearance. Our investigators do not bill for testimony. Billing is based on time involved. Time will start from the time we are requested to be there until we are dismissed, including travel time. Our investigators do not automatically grant video depositions. Prior approval and arrangements must be made before deposition time.

Expenses:   Expenses are any out of pocket costs, travel and lodging, computer searches, document retrieval charges or any other expenses which would normally be encountered during the course of an investigation. The client will be notified immediately if there are any unusal expenses incurred or there is any anticipation of such expenses. The client will have the final word on any and all such unusual expenses.

Cancellation or Assignment Termination:   If at anytime a Client decides to cancel or terminate an assignment, any unused portion of the retainer will be refunded in full. If for some reason the Client wants to put the assignment on hold for a period of time, the Client will have the choice of a refund or the remaining amount of the retainer will be held in this office with his open file.

Disclaimer:   The Client, by way of paying the retainer, expressly acknowledges that Morris Investigations's fees are for services rendered only. Morris Investigations makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the results of any investigation. The Client is paying soley for the time expended by Morris Investigations. No illegal or unethical services will be knowingly provided by Morris Investigations. Morris Investigations reserves the right to decline or terminate, without advanced notice, any assignment it deems to be illegal or unethical. Morris Investigations will perform services in compliance with all state and federal laws, regulations and best practices.

By establishing a retainer, the Client agrees NOT to act in any manner that might disrupt, interfere with, or get involved in, the investigation without the permission of this office. Doing so may result in the immediate termination of the investigation and forfeiture of any unused portion of the retainer.

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