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- Surveillance

What information do I need to supply?

It would be extremely helpful if you can supply photographs of the subject you want put under surveillance. A close-up shot with current hair style and a full body shot are best. Additionally, a photograph of the subject's vehicle is useful. We at least need a description of the vehicle and the license plate number. We can assist you in determining a good start time and place, but you ultimately have to make that decision. We recommend you give this as much thought as possible.

How does the retainer work?

Morris Investigations requires a minimum retainer (See Fees Page) on all one day, domestic surveillance cases. A larger, refundable retainer is required for surveillance assignments of two days or more. This is a refundable retainer. Any unused portion will be returned immediately. After consulting with the client and determining the client's needs, a larger retainer may be required. The amount is usually estimated high so that the client will be returned a portion of the retainer. Morris Investigations makes every effort to operate within the client's budget.

Should I tell you my suspicions?

Certainly. If you have suspicions that the subject is seeing someone, you should tell us everything you know about them. It might be possible for us to pick the subject up at this person's residence or place of employment if we are unable to follow the subject successfully.

What if I change my mind?

That's no problem. At any given time, we have two or more cases on hold, waiting for our client to give us the start time. If for some reason you change your mind, the complete file and retainer (less credit card fees) will be returned to you.

- Computer Searches

How accurate are the computer searches?

There is no guarantee. Computer searches are purchased from outside sources. Our policy is to keep the best, most current and most productive sources possible. In 2021, we ran a 95.5% hit ratio on all our computer searches. Leg-work is necessary in some cases to verify information produced by computer searches.

- Asset Searches

How do asset searches work?

We recommend that you take asset searches one step at a time. The first stage can be as inexpensive as $150.00. The other stages depend on the number of pieces of property the subject owns. If you require copies of deeds and other records, be prepared to pay $.50 to $1.00 per page, depending on the county searched. One county in south Texas charges $2.00 per page on all document copies. The last stage includes photographs of each piece of property or asset. Naturally, this cost can vary, depending on the number of pieces of property and their location.

- Photography / Video

How do you charge for photography?

Digital photography is the standard. Images and video can be emailed or burned to a CD or thumb drive. We can also upload images to Drop Box and share the file with you. The current hourly rate (See Fees Page) is charged for all photography assignments.

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