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Emails from Clients:

Adam M. - Attorney at Law - Houston, TX   

"Once again, you dazzled me with your ability to locate lost witnesses. The referring attorney on the Sanchez case had hired an investigator to locate this witness and paid a large bill without getting any results. As I told you in my original instructions, without this witness, we had no case. I knew you would come through for us. Thanks again and job well done!"

Neil H. - Attorney at Law - Miami, FL   

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how fantastic the statements were that you took from the two witnesses in the Henderson case. Those statements made the case for us. First of all, I was amazed that you were able to find them and secondly how you were able to get them to cooperate in that manner. The Hendersons wanted me to express their feelings as well and tell you what a wonderful job you did for them. Thanks again! You can be assured that any work I have in your area will be yours."

David S. - State Wide Builders - Milwaukee, WI   

"Bob, thanks so much for the asset searches. I was delighted with the information you were able to gather on the individuals. The turnaround time was perfect. I got them the day you promised and was able to prepare for my meeting with the investors. Thanks to your company, we were able to make a business decision that looks profitable for everyone."

Michael M. - Attorney at Law - Houston, TX   

"I heard from the assistant D. A. in Midland today. She says she will need you to testify for her in the criminal trial. I told her to contact you directly about your court appearance. I also told her that you had testified for me several times and had always done a professional job and made an excellent witness. Thanks for the information you were able to gather for me off the internet which is going to help our civil case. I knew you were a good investigator, but didn't know you were that knowledgeable about the internet. Good luck in Midland."

Dudley C. - CFM and Associates, Inc. - Houston, TX   

"I received the latest group of background checks you did on these prospective employees. I am so pleased with the results and the speed in which you were able to get this information for me. As I told you on the phone, the company I was using before you were recommended to me, didn't furnish much data. I am amazed that you are able to develop this much information on an applicant. I took the liberty of recommending your services to several of my associates. I will not be recommending you to my competitors, however. Thanks again for the extra time you took explaining my options and helping me customize these background checks."

Ron D. - Houston   

"I just wanted to drop you a short message thanking you for your help. I was so pleased the way you handled my surveillance. I know the situation was difficult and was not expecting you to be so successful. The video you took was fantastic. I have a chance now to get the visition I deserve to see my kids. Thanks, again. I will never forget the manner inwhich you handled my case!"

Robert A. - Humble   

"I just wanted to send you this email to let you know how it worked out. Thanks to you, I was able to recover my loss and get back to normal. I wanted to thank you for being so honest. You saved me a pile of money by advising me how to spend what was necessary and not waste money. You could have easily taken my money and I would never have known. Simply, thanks, for being honest and fair with me. I will always advise anyone else in my sitituation to call you for guidance."

Sara W. - Houston   

"It has been a week since you finished working on my case. I can't stop thinking about my experience with your company. I know I have thanked you by phone, but I wanted to send you this message telling you how please I am with what you accomplished. You were so prompt and helpful to me. I was so impressed with your handling of my case that I can't get it off my mind. Thank you, again. I will never forget dealing with you and how you dealt with my situation. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a private investigator. "

Madison R. - Houston   

"I know I thanked you several times while we were on the phone, but I wanted to send you this in writing. You were so helpfull to me and got me the information I truly needed to make the right decisions. The video you provided was exactly what I needed to deal with my situation. Thank you so much for being so professional. Your experience with these matters is priceless. I will always remember how you helped me deal with all this."

Lacy N. - Houston   

"I can not believe that you were alble to find out what I needed to know so fast. Your guys are amazing. I was so pleased when I got the refund on my unused retainer money so quickly. I honestly wasn't expecting that to happen. Thank you for being so honest with me and treating me with the respect you did during this terrible time in my life. I will recommend you to anyone who I heard needs a private investigator. Best to you in the future."

Eddie G. - Galveston   

"This is the first time I have written a review. I was just blown away with the manner inwhich you were able to help me with my problem. Your guy was fantastic and did a great job getting the video I needed to answer questions regarding my marital problems. Thank you so much for helping me and not causing me to spend money I really didn't have at the time. Great job!!"

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